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PTE Online Course

Please use the login credentials to log into your account on and navigate to PTE UNLIMITED course. The lectures will be marked. Please go through the lectures properly and learn the strategies.
There are two courses marked as lecture 1.2, 1.3 and so on and then Lecture 2.1, 2.2.... and so on. The one from Lecture 2.1 onward is our new course with new videos, which has very detailed strategies and discussion of various question types.
Lecture 1.20 has all the templates being discussed in the lectures.
In lecture 1.23 you have a pdf file on how to access the practice tests and Question Bank. Please create your login and use it for practice. Other useful websites for practice are:
The lecture 1.24, 1.21 and 1.20 have some helpful material and templates for you. Also, go through the youtube videos of repeat sentences and write from dictation by career coves. They get repeated.
There is a Whats App group exclusively for our online students for discussion and feedback. Please notify Taran if you are not already a member of this group.
You could also send the tasks for feedback to and send the speaking audio recordings to the Whats App number +61423015760

PTE Online Course

Please send a request to the ‘Study Hub Pte Clayton Classes’ group on FB. There is lots of additional material that is posted there everyday.
Follow the link to be part of our Telegram community, a very active group for discussion about PTE and more material. The link is
Please try to attend the live sessions whenever possible. The invites will be sent to the group on Fridays and Saturdays. The recorder sessions will also be available to go through just if you would like to.

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